Hand Wrap Film

Hand Wrap Film—Big Results, Small Investment

Hand wrap film (also called extended core stretch wrap) is perfect for tightly run operations that need to improve the security of their shipments while keeping their pallet wrapping investment low. This strong stretch film binds your pallet together, transferring the momentum of sudden starts or stops from individual boxes to the whole pallet. Wrapping your load gives it protection from the elements, shows evidence of tampering during transit, and keeps dock workers safe from toppling pallets. Stretch wrapping your outgoing pallets can lower your loss, increase your profit, and make your customers happier.

An extended core gives you built in handles to tightly package your pallet loads by hand. Our hand stretch wrap film is ready to use out of the box and doesn’t require a dispenser or machine. No investment is required besides the cost of the film itself.

Challenging Stretch Wrap Situations

In many situations hand wrap film is the best option. If your workspace is crowded or difficult to maneuver you may not have room for a stretch wrap machine. Likewise, if multiple packages need to be wrapped at the same time and manpower is no obstacle, an extended core stretch film can be a valuable time-saving solution.

Picking Your Stretch Film

What stretch film is right for you? We sell many different types of film suited to a variety of applications. Our standard 80 gauge extended core hand wrap film is suited to many applications. If you are dealing with produce, plants, or cured wood you may want to consider a vented stretch wrap. More sensitive shipments may want a black stretch wrap. If you ship multiple products to different places, different colored stretch wraps can make your products easily identifiable and keep your pallets from getting mixed up. If you would like help selecting the right stretch wrap, our reps are standing by. Call us today and we’ll make sure you’re getting the perfect wrap for the job.

Interested in Upgrading?

Many businesses start with hand wrap film and upgrade to a hand-wrapper or semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine once they see the benefits of more consistent stretch wrapping. While convenient and low-cost, extended core wrapping can fatigue the hands of the worker and create ergonomic stress. If you are interested in learning more about how a stretch wrapping machine can grow your business, visit our sister company Kalamazoo Packaging Systems