Pallet Stretch Wrap

Sometimes called stretch wrap, stretch film or pallet wrap, this is a versatile and elastic film most often used to provide stability to shipments in transit. The strong elasticity of the film helps transfer momentum from individual unit to the whole package, keeping pallet loads from flying apart during quick starts and stops. A well wrapped load enjoys protection from rain and snow, provides evidence of any tampering during shipment, and protects workers from injury.

A Better Stretch Wrap Supplier

Our goal is to make you a customer for life. That means great service. Most businesses simply aren’t buying the right stretch wrap for their needs. When you work with us, you’ll develop a relationship with a real person who understands your logistical needs. Do you need tear resistant, puncture resistant, anti-static wrap, 70 gauge, 80 gauge or 120 gauge? The wrong plastic wrap could be costing you thousands of dollars a year. Why take that chance?

Bulk Stretch Wrap of Every Kind

We offer machine films as well as hand stretch films. We have films for almost every industry, from extended core which offers built in handles for wrapping on the go to vented stretch wrap for reduced food spoilage to secure black wrap for sensitive shipments. All our stretch films are made from linear low-density polyethylene.

We offer both true gauged stretch films and equivalent stretch films, as well as blown stretch film and cast stretch film. For more information about the differences in gauges or cooling process, call us to discuss what would be better for your business.

Both of these problems can be avoided by using a vented pallet wrap. Firewood can cure wrapped and on the pallet with a vented wrap. Condensation is of no concern. Wait time is reduced, damage is reduced, you make more money and your customers are happier.

Interested in Upgrading?

If you are interested in understanding the benefits and savings of a stretch wrapping machine, visit our sister company Kalamazoo Packaging Systems. We’ve been selling stretch wrap machines for over 40 years.