Vented Stretch Films for Wrapping Fruits and Vegetables and More

Vented Stretch Films are optimal for products that need to be secure but have to breathe during shipping. If you product is heated, cooled, wet or fumigated and you aren’t using a vented stretch wrap, chances are unwanted condensation is damaging or spoiling your shipments.

Reduce Spoilage, Eliminate Mold

As much as 40% of food produced in the United States is lost or wasted, a significant portion of that in transport. Even if your product isn’t spoiling before it arrives, it may be arriving in worse condition than you would want. Trapped condensation can lead to mold, overripening, wilting, rust on caps, smearing or discoloration of labels, and faulty glue. A vented stretch wrap allows your product to breathe, and prevents condensation build-up. 

Save Time, Save Money

If your product is heated or cooled prior to pallet stretch wrapping with a normal pallet stretch wrap you have two choices. Either run the risk of trapping condensation or wait for products to return to room temperature before wrapping, reducing production speed and increasing expenses. The same goes for lumber and firewood—valuable time is wasted waiting for shipments to cure before they can be wrapped. Both of these problems can be avoided by using a vented pallet wrap. Firewood can cure wrapped and on the pallet with a vented wrap. Condensation is of no concern. Wait time is reduced, damage is reduced, you make more money and your customers are happier.

We'll Solve Your Vented Stretch Film Needs

Our vented stretch wraps can secure light or heavy loads with excellent stabilization, require less wrap to stabilize a pallet, and even cost less to ship than traditional pallets wraps.

Speak to one of our experts to find out which vented stretch wrap is right for you.